The following is a fictitious, personal account based on historical events.

December 17th, 1773: From the journal of British soldier Jonathon Cook

" How can the colonists be so disrespectful to the Crown?!?! When I went to Boston Harbor this morning around 5 am to begin my patrol, I noticed an open crate of tea floating in the water. Upon further inspection, I realized the ENTIRE shipment of tea that arrived yesterday for the colonist's enjoyment had been dumped into Boston Harbor! I'm sure the vile lobsters in the Harbor water are having quite the sweet tasting swim right now. I'm having trouble understanding why the American colonists are being so oppositional to us all of a sudden. The cost of protecting them, importing modern goods, and governing them from an ocean away costs us quite a large sum of money. It's only fair that they should have to pay for these services in the form of taxes. Some colonists are claiming that it isn't fair that there is no American representation in Parliament. To them I say...what is the problem? We British have the most powerful country in the world...why would the colonists not be overjoyed to receive the benefits of this strong government? Instead, they complain, throw rocks at us, refuse our goods, or like last night, destroy them completely! I'm afraid that soon the opposition to the British Crown that the colonists are increasingly showing will need to be dealt with in a much stronger fashion. I can only hope that the American colonists come to their senses soon...."